Instead of Introduction

The Internet is full of all kinds of information and millions of hours of new content is added daily. Unfortunately, not all information is created equal and while it may be addictive to peruse through pages of cute kittens, crazy dancing or exotic travels, the value of that free content is actually very low. It occupies our time, but brings nothing really valuable into our lives. Add to that enormous amounts of ads and toxic comments to endure, and the experience can turn frustrating.

BMajor is different. Designed as a safe, transparent, diverse and friendly space, BMajor brings together real people who share specific and deep interest in music and wish to have the knowledge, connections, motivation and tools to pursue their passion. It's an ecosystem for valuable information exchange and human connection, and we work together with all our members to ensure that BMajor evolves into the most valuable resource for their pursuits in the field.

Last update: Apr 9