BMajor In Focus: Star Flutist Ariana Piknjač

Over the past few years, the name ArianaFlute has become very familiar to all the fans of the instrument, and to the hundreds of thousands around the world who have discovered the flute for the first time through Ariana's performances. We have caught up with Ariana for a quick chat about music and her newly launched BMajor circle:

Do you remember how you fell in love with the flute, and how you picked it up the first time?

Since the first instrument I started to learn was the piano (at age 3 years and 9 months), I dreamt of becoming a famous classical concert pianist. But it was at that time when I was appointed the flute as a “secondary instrument” in high school, that it all changed. I was very lucky to have been in the class of such a wonderful flute teacher. During our inspirational lessons, she would play a lot for me and I must say I fell in love with her sound and passion. I remember feeling the endless possibilities the flute allowed me to express myself through creating a unique sound. The rest is all history :)

How would you define the term “great musician”?

For me, a great musician is a musician who stays true to their authentic, true self. This all stems from them being an authentic human being who has the ability to connect on a deeper level with themselves, and then, with other people. This is automatically felt in their craft and their music too.

You are a very stylish performer. Talk to us about the connection between style and music?

Why thank you very much! I believe that it is important to engage as many of the 5 senses as we can whilst we perform. Whilst performing, others can hear us and they can see us. It is all interconnected. Also, I feel amazing rocking out on my flute to some beautiful music with a beautiful dress and heels :) Why not compliment the lovely music with a lovely look? :)

When music is your profession, are you still able to enjoy it as a fan, and if so – what are we likely to find on your playlist?

Oh, most certainly! My playlist has everything from Eminem to Bach and Charlie Parker to Shawn Mendes in it so I would say it is very, very inclusive haha

BMajor is a living and evolving ecosystem, but what are some of the topics that people might expect to find in your BMajor circle?

I am so grateful for the BMajor platform where I will have the space to talk about topics I don’t usually speak about on my other social media accounts. My posts there are mainly performance based so within my circle you will be able to read, see and hear me speak about flute technique, different aspects of being a musician, how to handle performance anxiety, how to practice more efficiently, how to balance practice with work (even if you’re a non-musician), how to take care of your mental health during stressful times in the life of a musician, and sooo many more topics! I will even give my advice on how to play flute with lipstick on and how to play in heels! :) I’ve received that question so many times haha. I will be posting behind the scenes videos of my practice and performances and photos that you can’t find on any of my other social media accounts as well. The possibilities are endless and I will never run out of things to talk about haha :)

Last update: Mar 2