Reasons to join BMajor: #2 It's authentic!

Fakes and impersonations: almost every acclaimed artist and her/his fans have been the targets of scam artists at one time or another. They create fake social media pages and channels that closely imitate real artists and prey on the excitement, trust and goodwill of their fans. Oftentimes they get so creative and brazen that the unsuspecting fans can lose thousands of dollars thinking that they are supporting and communicating with their favorite artist before they realize that they have been deceived.

While it is always a good idea to exercise common sense and care when communicating with others on digital platforms, we at BMajor Club have gone to great length to ensure that each creator account is genuine and verified. When you join the BMajor circle of your favorite musician you can be completely certain that you are interacting with the genuine article. So, if you really want to be closer to your favorite musician, check for and join their BMajor circle - it is a great way to avoid impersonators and scammers.

Last update: May 25