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Imagine being able to connect with the top musicians, composers, and producers of our time, being able to ask them questions, learn the tips and tricks of the trade, and see how they develop their skills and careers. Now imagine doing that in a safe and friendly environment, designed to give you the knowledge, connections, motivation, and real tools to pursue your passion for music...all for the cost of less than one music lesson a year. That is where BMajor comes in: we bring together the leading lights from the world of music with those they entertain, inspire, and educate.

By joining BMajor you will become a member of your favorite musician’s private circle and gain access to their exclusive content unavailable anywhere else. BMajor is a growing music ecosystem with substantive information, lasting connections and useful tools. So, if music is a big part of your professional or personal life - you are in the right place…WELCOME TO BMAJOR!

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